Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Elf on the Shelf

You love it or hate it.............

I wanted to blog last night but was way to tired from standing in line for 3 hours in the freezing cold waiting for Santa!! But that's another blog post!!

So we got our selves a Little Elfie!!! Her name is Ginger. I saw these last year but never paid them much mind. This year everyone and I mean everyone is posting about The Elf on the Shelf on FB & blogs. My daughters teachers have one in the 1st grade class rooms. So what kind of mother would I be to not have one in the house! Right? Hubby & I went to Target and got our Elf & put it in the mail box. We told the kids it was sent in the mail by the Big Man himself (Santa). They were so excited to they couldn't for Ginger to come out of her box.

When Hubby was a little boy they had a Magic Mice. The mice would color in a coloring book every night while the 4 kids were sleeping. I thought this was kinda the same & would be a cute tradition for our family.

Our Ginger doesn't get into too much trouble. She just kinda bounces around from shelf to shelf & even got a hold of my lip gloss and an ipod. I'm not down with her making a mess or anything. I have a friend who posted a picture yesterday and her ELF Toilet Papered the living room!! Too funny. I see so many posts all over the internet of the Elf doing bad things. It's funny but I don't want to give my kids any ideas!!

My girls even made me sew a skirt for Ginger. I had to use a Barbie doll since I wasn't allowed to touch her. So I said our ELF didn't get into too much trouble but she did make a facebook fan page!! LOL you can check it out here!  Hahaaa I know tooo much right!! Well she took the girls ipod and took a bunch of pictures of herself & downloaded a bunch of 1st grade games for the girls. My son, who is 11 said it would be funny if she made a FB account! Hmmmm... well that gave me an idea. I thought it would be a great place to share ELF stories and pictures!! Though someone said they can't post on there :( i think I need 30 Followers first??

So what do you think of the ELF on the Shelf?? Creepy or Cute??? I think it's fun! I love how the girls wake up in the morning and after they get dressed they run downstairs looking all over for Ginger! It's a fun game for them. As parents it's our job to keep the little ones entertained and happy. I will admit there's been many nights when I have forgotten about her & thanks to good ole Facebook, I 'd be reminded. I pop on FB just before bed while taking the doggies outside. I'll always see people posting their ELF then I'm like " OMG I totally forgot about mine!!

Now how in the world to you get rid of your kids for the night with this ELF you're not suppose to touch?? I really wanted to go see Breaking Dawn part 2 and needed the kids to sleep over my parents house for this date night. Well thankfully Ginger was placed on this candle from the night before. I picked the candle up and placed her & the candle in a bag. When I got to my parent house I just put the candle with Ginger still attacked on their TV!! Left them with finding spots for the weekend!! LOL it was fun for the kids that even Ginger got to have sleepover party!!!

Well that's out ELF story!! I'd love to here what your Elf's name is!! Please check out the FB page if you'd like. I will be using that page for this blog after Christmas!!

Have a Wonderful day!!
xoxo LisaMarie

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Let me Reintroduce Myself!!

SO I started a blog awhile ago but never kept up with it!! A few years ago I went on the quest to become Vegan and get healthy!!! So I started a blog to blog some Vegan stuff and share my kids!! Well sadly I failed at the whole Vegan thing and my kids took over my every living minute....... I just didn't blog anymore.

I love reading blogs and I just love how you can relate to all these women when sometimes you feel as though nobody knows what you're going through in life!! Four years ago we bought our very own house and were so proud to have moved away and start a real life for ourselves and our kids. Well let me be honest it got ugly and lonely a couple years later. I became depressed and started missing my old life. Sadly I let it all overwhelm me and went into a shell. Since then I have realized we are in no way able to just sell and pick up and leave back to our old stomping grounds. I just have to such it up and make due with what I have!! A wonderful Husband who works hard for his family and 3 crazy, but great kids. I truly love the school here and my kids are doing so well. It's a nice town and we have an amazing backyard!! Hahaa like the yard matters right?? Well for now it does. Basically I'm here to try and make friends and blog my way through Mommy Hood!!! One Blog Post at a Time!!!

So here I am! I changed my old blog name and I hope you will join me!!

I think it's a great place to share Mommy story's and to share photos and story's of my children with others. Every night before bed I have to write in a notebook or I can't sleep. So why not just type down a blog post instead!! Save paper and make memories!!

Let me tell you a little bit about myself and my family!! Hubby (Matt) & I meant in High School. We started dating out Junior year and have been madly deeply in love ever since!! Or at least haven't killed each other yet!! Just kidding we have an amazing relationship and I'm so blessed that God sent me my soul mate at such a young age. I have a son in the 5th grade named Devin! He's my oldest and is so smart and knows way too much sometimes. The little shit has grown so much this past year he's an inch shorter than me!! Ya I'm kinda short, only 5 feet!! Hubby's 6'3" so one of these kids or more are bound to be tall. He loves video games just like the next boy and is an amazing writer. Little man is left handed and his hand writing is prettier than most girls I know!! He loves science and right now is obsessed with anything that has to do with the Moon, Stars & Planets!
 Now let's talk about the two little ones!! I have two First graders Kaleigh & Briella. They are attached at the hip and don't know life without each other!! Kaleigh is shy and quite and loves dogs. She is funny,sweet and way too dependent on me & her sister. She makes me get her dressed every morning and only eats 'Kid' food. She's more laid back like me but yet she craves routine and structure. Briella on the other hand is more loud and out going. She's very talkative and will go up to just about anybody for a warm hug and a good laugh. Briella is a bit more independent but she's also my little shadow around the house. When they fight I don't even get involved anymore cause 2 minutes later they are playing Barbies and the best of friends.

So this is my little Mommy blog!! Hope you will join the fun and craziness of my life!! I'm off to go clean the house since I've wasted so much time online this morning!! I will blog tonight about how I made our Elf on the Shelf a Facebook page!! I know I'm crazy! Anything to entertain my kids and keep me from drinking!! LOL

xoxo LisaMarie