Monday, January 12, 2015

Makeup Monday

No school again today. Boy we've had a lot of days off. 2 week vacation then snow Friday and today. We'll the kids sure love a long weekend.

So trying to blog every day is extremely hard unless I blog about dumb stuff. I really can't come up with that much interesting things to talk about everyday, not to mention some days life just keeps you busy and I'm too tired. I'm going to have to find a schedule for me that will work out but keep me blogging a lot this year. First we have Makeup Monday.

I went to Sephora and got some new makeup for my birthday. I was thibking of getting the Too Faced Semi - Sweet Chocolate bar pallette, but seriously do I really need another eyeshadow pallette in my life?? No not really. So I got other things. I'm very happy with the goodies I did pick out.

First I got the Benefit How to Look The Best At Everything. This little box comes with the pore fessional, Hello Flawless oxygen wow, 2 boi-ing concealers, and Hello Flawless powder. Love love it all. I've used the powder before which has a cute name "I'm cute as a bunny" Honey. I also had it in the color Honey before and it was the perfect match for me. It's so soft and smooth and I almost like it better than my MAC studio Fix. The foundation is called "I'm so money" Honey. Cute names right. This foundation is so so so nice. It's been awhile since I've loved a foundation like I love this. It's very lightweight and a light to meduim coverage.  The first time I put it on I thought maybe it wasn't going to cover enough. It's just that light. But once I applied it all I saw how well it actually did even out my skin tone and look flawless.  Not full coverage flawless but like nice pretty real skin. Almost like you can't even tell I have Makeup on. I have dry skin and this is perfect for my dry skin. The concealer is nice too but I don't know if I'm sold on it just yet. It's a cream concealer but not as thick and full coverage as MAC. The 02 was more for under eyes and the 03 which is a bit darker was more of the same shade as the foundation.  I just think maybe I need to give it a few more tries. The primer, Pore fessional is so silky smooth but not silicone kind of smooth it's just right. Seriously I need a full size bottle of this. Way better then the Maybelline pore easer I've been using.

The too Faced 5 Star Favorites comes with 3 eye goodies. The shadow insurance which is your eye primer and my all time favorite primer. The better than sex mascara, yes you heard that right. It's not better than sex but it's a good mascara.  I've only tried it 2 times so not sure if I love it just yet, but it's a very good mascara. I'm not a fan of how big the brush is on my small eyes. I do love that it dries super fast. With hooded eyes I find that very wet mascara makes a mess on my lids and usually ruins looks for me. But this passed the test. The perfect eyes eyeliner is to die for!!! Yes yes yes I've been needing a good liner for some time now. I wanted the Urban Decay 24/7 but they were all sold our of the zero (which is black). So that's why I grabbed this. Great product it's super duper black and very smooth and glides on so nice. I'm in love with it and will repurchase this again. It's one of those liners that's very nice to blend out but yet it also dries nice and stays put. I feel asleep with it on and it was still there the next day.

Lastly there was my free birthday gift from Sephora. This month they had the skin care or Urban Decay lip crayons. The lippies looked nice but one was red and I rarely wear red so I opted for the skin care. It's Peter Thomas Roth anti - aging cleansing gel and a cucumber gel mask. I tried them only once so far. The cleanser made my skin feel really dry and tigh. Not a fan of that feeling. I use Cetaphil everyday for my dry skin. The eye mask was nice but not really sure I felt anything from it. I guess I can try it more and see what it does. So I'm not sure if I will continue to use the cleanser or not??

So those are by Sephora goodies. I just love Sephora so much. It's like a kid in a candy store. So hard to make a decision in that store.

Have a lovely day!
Xox Lisamarie

Monday, January 5, 2015

Vacation is over

Well the kids and I have been on Christmas for the past two weeks. It's been nice to be home with the kids. Though it seemed to go by very fast.
I still need to take down the Christmas tree. Yesterday would have been perfect but I guess I just got to lazy to do it. Well I have all week when I get out of work. Also I'm ready to take down my Christmas decorations with the tree.
The girls were very excited to wear their new outfits and boots they got from Grandma for Christmas. They are so cute and at such a cute age right now. Hope they are always so close. I know them wanting to wear matching clothes might not last too many more years so for now I'm soaking up the cuteness.
Going back to work was kinda hard for me today. I got used to staying up late and then waking up and just lounging with my cup of coffee and watching youtube videos.  Though I work only 4 and half hours I was so tired after work today.
We'll our day went well. Nothing exciting. The girls had their after school program today. Now they are sleeping and Hubby and I are watching devin play xbox with my nephew online.
Happy Monday time to start relaxing and off to bed! Can't wait for some coffee in the am.

Oh and on a side note my hair is looking very red todau. Ughhh I should stop messing with it. Should have left my perfect blonde alone.... Grr 

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sunday Funday

We're having a pretty lazy day over here at the DuHaime's. Been lazing around drinking coffee and the kids on their new tablets from Santa. Hubby and I went grocery shopping and that's about it. Now the boys are playing video games and the girls are getting ready to play Sorry. Even the dogs are being lazy today hehe.
Tomorrow is back to school for the kids and back to work for me. The perks of being a lunch lady I get to have all the same days off as the kids do. We had a nice vacation even though it's gone by so darn fast. The kids played with all their new stuff from Santa. It finally snowed around here yesterday and it's been yucky out all day today.
We took a picture of the 2015 ice sculpture down the street today it's so cool looking and barely melted yet. Also the whole road is blocked cause a plow truck hit and killed a guy going for a morning run. Crazy. I feel like a lot of things have been happening around here. Lots of house fires lately too, very sad.
Well not much to write about today cause its just been a day of relaxing.  Good day for coupons though. We go 4 inserts today. Yay can't wait to see what deals there are fir this week. Haven't couponed in a couple weeks because of the holiday and I used all my extra care bucks up on last minute Christmas stuff.
Well till tomorrow.  Happy Sunday Funday! !

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Our NYE Popping Corn &Wine

Our NYE Popping corn and drinking Wine:

So for New Years we stayed home with the kids and had a lot of fun. We used our new popcorn maker that grandma gave us for Christmas. We goofed around and laughed a lot. Also watched the all the entertainers in NYC and the ball drop on TV.

I love NYE it gives hope to a new start for a fresh new year!!! Also a reminder that my birthday is next week and that I'm going to be old. HEHEE but also getting a pinch closer to Spring!!! Ughhh as I type and the snow is fall so fast outside. I do hope this year is a great one and less stressful then the past year.

I'm so excited for all the things we can do this year though. Winters are long here and seem to never end. Though we haven't had much of any snow this year. Again it's snowing right now as a speak and it's annoying me!!!! LOL Snow is very pretty and I love watching the kids have fun in it but I just hate the cold weather and that it's 4pm and already getting dark out. Well Spring will come right??? Then I get to garden and be outside with the kids playing in the yard with the dogs. We love opening our pole and spending the day outside with the kids. Summer is my favorite time of year. I just love hot long sunny days!!!! We play cards by the pool and cook on the grill and chase the dogs around the yard!! Oh and did I mention my garden! Heehee I just love to garden. I live in a cold state but Summer is my all time favorite. It's also when we get to go camping, which is always my favorite time with the Family. Fall is pretty too!!! That's my second favorite time. You never know if it will stay warm here or get cold quickly. The colors of Fall our my favorite all it's beautiful colors and smells. I'm Pumpkin obsessed!! Also I really love decorating for Fall time and Halloween is the funnest Holiday. Then Winter will come creep up on us pretty fast like every year. It gets very cold and the days are very short. We just like to drink coffee (maybe some wine) cuddle and watch a lot of netflix.

Well I am excited to see what 2015 has in store for the Family & I this year! Maybe I'll win the lottery and buy a log cabin and some boobs oh and all the makeup in the world. We can go on Vacation to Disney and take the kids to a really nice fun spot for our Summer vacation.!!!!! Oh who am I kidding!! Day dreaming is fun though. I'll be over here cutting my coupons and couponing the crap out of my drugstore beauty items. Working on my budget and meal planner. But also enjoying my crazy silly family and making lasting memories with them!! Even if it is just writing in the driveway with chalk and baking with the kids or cuddling with my Hubby and drinking some wine. But please 2015 I'd ask you nicely to make my kids a bit neater around the house!!! Also maybe the dogs can stop getting into the garbage and leaving big messes for Mama to clean up before coffee time!! Thanks

Hope everyone else had a great New Years Eve.

DIY Jack Daniel's Lamp

Good Morning World.

So for Christmas I made Hubby a lamp. I saw on Pintertest how you can cut glass bottles in half. Pretty cool right? Well It took me 3 tries and I almost lost an eye. Yup I'd say pretty dangerous. You have to also set it on fire so that really ups the danger. I just wanted to make something fun and unique. So I knew I wanted to make something with a Jack Daniel's bottle but wasn't sure till I was throwing out an old lamp of the girls. I noticed the cord was just tied onto this cheap lamp so I took it apart and knew I had to make a lamp. All the supplies were on hand that I found around the house, so I guess we can say it was a free project.
We've been collecting bottle tops for a table we want to cover some day. I took some of those to rim the lamp shade. To cut the bottle you wrap a string or yarn around it nice and tight. Trim the excess off. Pul the string off and soak in rubbing alcohol and then place the string back to where you want to break the glass. Light it on fire and spin the bottle for about a minute then quickly while still on fire place it in a bucket of ice water. It's a scary process and it didn't work at first. This time it did but I had to pull it apart. It didn't just break off in the water like videos I saw. It broke a small piece off which worked in my favor, cause I needed a spot for the wire. I would have preferred it to be in back but oh well it was my first time playing with glass and fire so I'm happy. Maybe this didn't come out as pretty as I would have like but I'm still proud of the home made lamp I made for Hubby and makes for good conversation.
Well I hope you like my project. I'm completely obsessed with Pinterest and all the fun ideas you can get from that site. It's by far my favorite site to visit. I'm not that computer savvy and don't really know how people link all their stuff up on there but I'm hoping to learn. My pinterest is LisaLuvs MAC

Thanks for stopping by!!
LisaMarie from Meet The DuHaime's

My Goals for this year

The New Year is here and I know everyone likes to make New Years Resolutions. I'm not very good at keeping mine. I kind of am the person that lives for the moment. Even though I love to plan and organize simple things in life. Well I seem to have adult ADD cause I jump around from things to things all the time. I need to focus better and organize my brain more. ( LOL) it's true. I just want to stick with something for a year and look back at it all.

I have a youtube channel (LisaLuvsMac), I've been doing this on and off since 2009. It never really seemed to go anywhere I guess because I'm not very constant with keeping up on it and also networking. Anyways I started it cause I was a SAHM to 3 very young children and I needed a hobby for myself. Makeup was my big interest aside for being a Mommy & Wife so that's what I decided to do on youtube. Once in awhile I would post videos of the kids, but not as offend as I would have liked. Recently I was going through my video's and was said I didn't post more of the family on there. They look so cute and so young. I know I'm with them everyday and enjoy being with them and watching them grow and learn. Yet it's also so nice to be able to look back and see them afterwards. So my goal for this year is to blog everyday and to post more videos of the children. I don't care if nobody watches it's all for me and my family. To look back at our year and see all the fun things we've done as family and to see how the kids have grown through the year.

Blogging everyday for a year may just be a challenge for me but I'm ready to take that challenge and have fun with it. I love to write even though I'm not a very good writer and I'm really bad with words, but maybe this will help me grow as well. I'm a couple days behind my first couple blogs but that's ok I had to organize my thoughts first and here I go!!!!! Blogging.

This is not just for the kids either. I really want to keep sharing recipes because I love to cook and I'm good at it. Also I will post about other things as well, such as beauty, couponing, DIY, and home decor. Probably just some every day family life. The simple things we all do day to day, along with fun adventures.

Happy New Year and here's to a new start. A fresh new year to do new things and improve ourselves. SO I'm pretty excited to share my family with you and be able to reflect back on it later.

xoxo The DuHaime's