Monday, January 5, 2015

Vacation is over

Well the kids and I have been on Christmas for the past two weeks. It's been nice to be home with the kids. Though it seemed to go by very fast.
I still need to take down the Christmas tree. Yesterday would have been perfect but I guess I just got to lazy to do it. Well I have all week when I get out of work. Also I'm ready to take down my Christmas decorations with the tree.
The girls were very excited to wear their new outfits and boots they got from Grandma for Christmas. They are so cute and at such a cute age right now. Hope they are always so close. I know them wanting to wear matching clothes might not last too many more years so for now I'm soaking up the cuteness.
Going back to work was kinda hard for me today. I got used to staying up late and then waking up and just lounging with my cup of coffee and watching youtube videos.  Though I work only 4 and half hours I was so tired after work today.
We'll our day went well. Nothing exciting. The girls had their after school program today. Now they are sleeping and Hubby and I are watching devin play xbox with my nephew online.
Happy Monday time to start relaxing and off to bed! Can't wait for some coffee in the am.

Oh and on a side note my hair is looking very red todau. Ughhh I should stop messing with it. Should have left my perfect blonde alone.... Grr 

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