Monday, October 6, 2014

Red hair gone wrong

Well I just don't know how to leave well enough alone. I love changing my hair color a few times a year. I try to just change it in fall to a darker shade and then go back to blonde mid winter. But why??? Why do I do this to myself.

Let's give you a quick hair story first. I like to dye the crap out of my poor hair. Well I love being blonde I do tend to get bored time to time. Last fall I dyed it a reddish brown and it faded a week later to the point my ends were blonde. From there I went back to blonde and have kept it there, we'll for except for a dark golden blonde gone wrong during Christmas break, but we won't go there. I also had to cut a lot of my hair off last winter and still haven't seen my of that grow back.

Well Fall came around this year and I just live looking at red heads. Ughhh I wanted a beautiful Aurburn brown color. I figured I'd dye it once and then leave it. Let it fade till Spring and then do high lights or go all blonde again. But no no no that never goes as planned for me!!!!!!

I was determined to look like Jaclyn Hill (look her up on YouTube). The perfect red. Well my first attempt was more like Ronald McDonald! !! Then the next day I just couldn't live with it. I used the same Cinnaberry dye by Clariol and Mixed in a capful of medium golden brown. This time it was a bit darker but still a bit Ron looking. I admit I kinda liked it till a week later it faded once again. The only thing saving me is I left the front blonde. Since I wear my hair up everyday for work it wasn't much of a problem!!

Ok so I like to coupon, ok I love to coupon!! I've been collecting red dyes!! Bad idea for someone like me. Just a bit over a week ago I decide to try this red once again. This time I used a permanent dye. It was loreal feria Aurburn Brown.  I did the blonde as well as the old red. It came out just like the box and I was in love. Everyone at work loves it too.

I wouldn't admit to myself just yet but not sure it's the right red for my skin tone. I felt like even my makeup looked bad on me. So I tried to fade this crap but all a sudden it won't wash out. Go figure this shit. When you don't want your color to fade it washes out with every shampoo. This time it was fading out first but now that I have been trying to use baking soda and clarifying shampoo it doesn't fade :( it's darker at my roots and fades out to me ends. I even gave myself a much dreaded trim. I have no clue what I'm gonna do with this color just yet?????

For now I think I will try to deal with it and see if it fades by Christmas. Ok before Christmas. Then maybe try to go back to blonde. I'm still obsessed with red hair. It's so pretty and looks great on so many girls. Ughhh just not sure it looks good on me?? So here's another sad hsir story for me. I'm never going to get my hair long again doing this to my hair.

So I will leave you with some picture of what my hair looks like. I still have about 5 boxes of red in my stockpile! ! LoL maybe I should exchange them for a different color??? I will just never learn to leave my poor helpless hair alone.

Well this will be continued till my next dye job!!!!
Red the color that fades super fast yet also the hardest color to get out of your hair. Don't you love that!! My vision of gorgeous red hair I think has been crushed after dying it 3 times in one month and still not happy with it.