Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Summer is nearing it's End

Gosh this Summer just went by so fast. I feel like we really didn't do much of anything! We never went camping this year, which we do at least twice during the Summertime. Though I am sad to see it go I have to secretly admit I do love Autumn. The crisp air and it's not so hot. I love wearing sweaters and comfy clothes and my fuzzy slippers. My favorite part is the colors of Autumn and all it's Yummy scents. Fall candles are my favorite to buy. Show me anything with the word Pumpkin in it and I'll buy it. I just love scents like Pumpkin, Coffee, Cinnamon, Sandalwood, and Vanilla. Anything that's just warm and cozy smelling. They calm me down and make me feel peaceful. Oh but I hate the days are shorter and it only means snow is around the corner.

Well anyways school is tomorrow, yup that's right tomorrow!! Not too sure if I'm happy or not about it? I mean I'm glad cause it's great for the kids to be on a routine and learning and all that fun stuff. But I sometimes have a hard time in the beginning cause I'm not a morning person. I'd much rather stay up late at night and sleep in. Although who really gets to sleep in with 3 kids?? Not really me. I'm up the latest during the summer maybe 8:30 am. Some days my youngest will climb in bed with me cause she's always woken up early. The other 2 have no problem sleeping in. I'll adjust pretty quickly though. Also I start to go to bed a bit earlier during the school year.

So I'm sad to see Summer go but a bit excited for Fall. All my kids will be in school this year and it's gonna be really weird for me. I plan to get a lot of cleaning done and some projects!!

Happy End of the Summer everyone!!
xoxo LisaMarie

Monday, August 29, 2011

Pumpkin Coffee to stay sane from my Insane day!!

So I've been dying for some Pumpkin coffee lately!! I just love Autumn flavors and scents. Hubby says he thinks Fall is my favorite season but I won't admit it! Well I think he may just be right. I really do love everything about Fall but certainly do hate knowing that Winter is on it way. We get a lot of snow here in New England.

Anyways I've had a hell of a day and needed a Pumpkin coffee. Sure wish my Keurig would just answer my wishes!! LOL I decided to mix cinnamon and ground allspice into my coffee grinds and Profectoooooo I have Pumpkin Spice Coffee right here unStressing very so stressful day. I'm not a huge emotional person, I mean I don't sweat the small stuff in life and I can easily shrug shit off or just not let it bother me cause I know things will work out in the end or it could only be worse!! Well today I'm pretty freaking sure it can't get any worse!! I'm probably the dumbest person I know. So our bank has switched to a new bank and I still am having a hell of a time with the online banking, cause I'm not the brightest crayon in the box..... I double paid a bunch of bills and now I'm pretty damn negative on my account and I'm having one hell of a time getting my money back!! Grrrrrrrr.. it's all my fault too. Poor Hubs gets to work today and has his gas light came on. He works like 35 mins away, so has no clue how he's coming home!! All because I'm an idiot!! Oh and try calling CLP today to tell them u double paid them!! They have like millions of power outages to worry about not my money.....

Ok so enough already! I made my coffee I've cleaned the house, well most of the house!! I cried all my tears out and I'm gonna get through this!! One coffee at a time.

Anyways that's my day I'm pleading insanity for the rest of it and gonna start making some dinner soon and then watching Design Star later with a bit of cuddle time with the hubs. Kiddos are gonna be off to bed early!!

Enjoy your day!!! Lord knows I can't wait for it to end!!

Where in the world is LisaMarie

LOL sorry you guys for being gone for sooooo long!! I've been super busy in the Makeup world and just plan busy in Mommy World!! The kids are off to school on wed. so I'm truly hoping I can get back into the blogging thing! I truly love blogging so much, but it's a bit easier to do the makeup blog then this one. I sometimes have no clue what to blog about! I kinda wanted to start doing Vegan foods but I get harassed about that!! I kinda even stopped talking about what's for dinner on my FB cause people are so open to say whatever they feel. I've been kinda wanting to clean my friends list up over there! I'm a very nice person and I swear like a trucker but let me tell you something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't leave people negative comments ever! If i have nothing Sweet to say to you I'm not gonna say anything at all. I also like to keep my private life pretty private so I guess that's why I've struggled a bit with this blog! What in the world should I blog about??

IDK??????????? still not sure LOL

So Hubby and I watched Julie & Julia ( one of my favorite movies, despite what people say about it).............. So Hubs says I should cook my way through a Vegan Book!! I said " You so understand you'd have to eat my food right??" He said he didn't mind! Well now that can make for an interesting blog!!! The Vegan feeds the carnivore!!!!!!!!!!!!! We can even start a poll on how long Hubs will last LOL. Sorry Love Muffin but I know you'll be crying by day 3. See Hubs is a Mechanic, he's a manly man!! A steak and potatoes man. Very simple you see. He loves to eat and enjoys food just as much as I do!! You know he calls me the Chubbiest Skinny Chic he's ever meant!! LOL But I don't think he's like it very much and I'm not about to eat meat so IDK??? He'd love for me to cook every recipe in that Paula Dean book I'll tell you that much. heheheeeeeeeeeeee

SO the quest continues............... I want to blog other than my Beauty blog but what??

Till then I shall return.....

Maybe I'll just randomly blog about random dumbass shit LOL.... while I get my 3 hour morning break when the kids are in school. Speaking of school. My youngest is going to Kindergarden and OMFG I'm so happy yet I'm so sad. No more babies here :( She's my little tail and she'll be off to AM school. My other daughter stayed back so now I'll have 2 in Kindergarden!! Pretty crazy Huh! They are so cute. Well a couple more days and they are off.

Hope all is well with everyone!! xoxo