Thursday, March 31, 2011

365 Day Photo Challenge {Day 13}

So I'm double posting today! Hubby was home yesterday and I never got a chance to hop on the computer. I was cleaning the girls room and moving stuff around. I want to get it ready for repainting. Anyways I wanted to share a picture of the Springtime Snow!! Blahhhh I want some real Spring. I want to wear my long skirts and flip flops. I think we're getting snow tomorrow! So sick of this weather. It's got me so depressed!

365 Day Photo Challenge {Day 12}

My Favorite Mug. I had this really great Mug I got at T.J. Maxx and it had a picture of a women from about the 40's and a Makeup saying. It had a Lipstick for a Stirrer. OMG my favorite mug in the world. Well one of my kids broke it on me :( I was pretty sad! Hubby fixed it with Gorilla Glue. We we're good till I broke it once again!! Just the handle. So I put it on my dresser with my makeup for looks now. Hubby knew I was kinda sad cause I love coffee mugs. I have a bunch but finding the perfect one is soooo hard. My Starbucks Mug has a wide lip and I feel like my coffe cools off tooo fast! Then one day Hubby brought home this Lovely Mug from Dunkin Donuts!! I love him and the mug :) it's a coffee bean and so cute and I love the lip on it!! Perrrrrfeeeccct!! Sssshhhhhhh don't tell it that there's Starbucks Caramel Coffee inside heheheh.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

365 Days Photo Challenge {day 11}

Took this picture while out driving around. It's just so cool looking. It was built around 1838 and the redid it about 1998. I love how they kept so much of the oldness. Love the colors as while. I love driving around taking pictures.
I hope I didn't resize this tooo small.

Happy Tuesday!!!!
xoxo LisaMarie

P.S yes i did rename my blog once again!! Hehehe!! I don't get around to posting crafts in stuff like I would like. Since it's just odd things about me & my life I decided to change the name. I used to have a blog on xanga that was called Simply LisaMarie. So I used that!! Ya I can't come up with anything cooler...

Monday, March 28, 2011

365 Days Photo Challenge {day 10}

Day 10 is another picture of my Kitty!! I just love my cat so much. He's just so darn cute!!! He's was on the porch looking at my daughter in the window.

Boca Burger

I love the Vegan Boca Burgers. I can use them in pasta recipes or tacos. Anything you want to replace ground meat with. My son actually likes Goulash made with these better than ground beef. Hubby will also it it now!! As long as I don't use those Tofu crumbles again!! LOL

But a delish Burger is just what I needed to Ring in Spring. I can't wait till I can use my grill outside again!!! Happy Spring. This would be great with some Vegan Potato Salad. Which BTW between me and you have become pretty famous with my friends. They all make me make it for parties during the summer!! But I've never told them that it's Vegan!! Hehehehe!!

Here's what I used

Seitan 'meat' Balls

So I have been wanted to make Seitan for awhile. I really didn't know how easy it was!!! My girls love to help me cook so of coarse they helped toooo!! I've made these 3 times already and OMG I'm inLOve!!! really they are amazing!! So going Vegan people have asked me what Meat I miss! Well I always say non!! I was never a big meat eater. But I have to say I used to love making a big pot of homemade sauce and meatballs on a Sunday!! That's one meal I did kinda miss. Not anymore. I'm not huge into having meat replacers. Like Fake meats. I do love a lot of them but it's for replacing! I like it for the sake of liking :) Like if anything reminds me tooo much of a Real meat I get turned offfffffff. Anyways here we go with my Balls. They are so super duper easy to make and they taste soooo damn gooooodddddd. I snuck one in my sons dish and he never even knew!! When he was the one who had made them that day. But he said he wanted real ones. So ok ok.... I try not to push my Veganism on anyone, but I do educated my family in hopes they can make a Great decision someday.... Well eat it just fine. LOL i love fooling my family it's pretty funny LOL... Hubby is the one to always catch on. I remember a few years back I tried sneaking some fake ground meat in some gloulash and Hubby asked me if I burnt the beef LOL...

Ok Ok already here's the recipe

What you'll need . . .
1-1/2 cup wheat gluten (found in the bulk foods section)
1/4 cup nutritional yeast
1 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons paprika
2 teaspoons pepper
2 cloves garlic
2 large basil leaves, chopped
3/4 cup cold water
4 teaspoons tomato paste
2 teaspoons olive oil
2 teaspoons vegetable broth
I doubled this. She baked this. I rolled my balls into balls an then in tin foil. Then I boliled them for an hour. After that I added to my homemade sauce and eat it up!!! LOL


Sunday, March 27, 2011

365 Days Photo Challenge {day 9}

Today is a pic of Me & the Hubs.... Did you know he's my High School Sweetheart?? Yup. We've been together for 14 years. You know what he said to me the other day?? He told me the day he laid eyes on me he know I was gonna be his Wife!! He really knows how to Sweet talk Huh!!!!

Happy Weekend

Friday, March 25, 2011

365 Days Photo Challenge {day 8}

Lee Dewyze!! It was very hard to get a good picture. I think I had my camera set wrong toooo! The videos weren't coming out that well either. Then at the very end I fixed my camera and hubby got a better video of him. Just wanted to share a Picture of Lee. It was a very fun night going to see him in Concert!! We waited in a long very cold line for an hour and some odd minutes! But it was worth the wait!!!

365 Days Photo Challenge {day 7}

So on Wed. Hubby, My Son Devin and I went to see Lee Dewyze. It was great! We had sooo much fun. Also it was great just to do something with just our Son since we have 3 kids it's hard to do things one on one. He had a lot of fun even though it was a late night. Devin was getting a bit mad that nobody would sit down and he had a tough time seeing the stage. American Idol is our FAVORITE show in this house. Hubby & Devin voted for Lee the whole time last season. Great Concert!!!!!!

365 Days Photo Challenge {day 6}

Man I have to admit this is a lot harder than I thought it would be!!! I mean trying to post a new picture everyday!!! Seriously I have to figure out a plan for this!! Should have thought this over before I started LOL..... It's a lot of fun I will say! I love taking pictures and enjoy sharing them! So I'm gonna try very hard to get this going every single day and not missing a day! I think it will be fun after a year looking about back at a whole years worth of Photos!! So with that said to catch up on things I'm gonna post the days I missed today and keep this going everyday!!

So we've been getting some Spring Snow!! yayyyy for SNOW!! Ok j/k...... I'm sooo freaking sick of snow I want to cry. I can't take one more minute of this cold weather. Please dear spring make you're arrival as soon as you can!!! I miss warm sunshine.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

365 Days Photo Challenge { day 5 }

Here's my cat again!! LOL I could start a blog just on all the odd spots I find him sleeping in. It's kinda a joke around the house cause he finds the funniest places to take a cat nap. He sure does like my table. I have to find the picture of him when I set the dinner table and when I came back in to the kitchen he was napping on a dinner plate. Yup that's Fat Cat for ya!! Hehehe.... But I love him. So here's to Tom Tom.

Monday, March 21, 2011

365 day photo challenge {day4}

Briella was watching TV with one of our doggys Dakota today. It was so sweet looking I had to snap a shot!! Such a Kodak moment.


Happy Spring everyone!!

xoxox Lisa

Thursday, March 17, 2011

365 Day Photo Challenge {Day3}

Sorry I couldn't post yesterday!!!!!!!! Hubby was home and hogged the computer from me all day!! It was a very rainy Poo Poo day!! But today is very Sunny and Beautiful and it's like 61 degrees!! So I'm pretty excited that Spring is on it's way! Plus I have something popping up in my garden!!!

This is my cat Tommy, who badly wants to play with Sophia our Dove!!! Hubby says " No he wants to eat the bird" Poor bird! 2 weeks ago he knocked the cage over on the floor.

&& yes we keep Christmas lights up year round!!! Hehehe cause we're just cool like that!!! LOL

BTW Happy St. Patricks Day! I should have taken a St. Patrick's Day photo!! Sorry!! Gosh and I'm Irish!!! We're not really doing anything special!! I might decorate the table for the family! We're having Taco's tonight cause nobody but Hubby will eat corned Beef :( I love my cabbage but made it last week!!!! I made the girls green milk today!! Which they found so cool that now they keep asking for yellow milk, blue milk........... Oh ya I've made all the colors today!! LOL
Well gotta go I see this really cool pink piece of something outside that I gotta go snatch up before someone else does!! hehe

Monday, March 14, 2011

365 Day Photo Challenge { day 2 }

So today is a Picture of Pookie Bear that I took on my laptop!! She was watching Curious George!!! One of her Favorite TV shows!!!!

We're gonna head to the grocery store today and get a few items! Then clean up time and put away a bunch of clothes!! I've been dying for Spring to come!! But the more I think about it I realize I only have like 5 1/2 more months before Pookie goes to Kindergarten!! She's my last baby!! Gosh what will I do with my 4 hours of alone time come this Fall???? I guess clean LOL

Enjoy your week Luvs

Saturday, March 12, 2011

365 Days Photo Challenge { day 1 }

So here's my very first day!!!!!!!!!!! I was at Target and saw this pillow!! I fell in love right away!!! It's huge it's soft and it's Beautiful!!! I wasn't gonna buy it cause it was $35...... Yay a bit crazy for a pillow. I'm a cheap Mama and I love budget shopping. But last time I wanted a Pillow from Simply Shabby Chic I didn't buy it. What to do what to do????? I just stared at if for awhile!!! Honestly I kicked myself in the butt for not buying that last one and not being able to find it anymore. SOOOOOO yaay I decided to just go ahead and treat myself to this Beautiful pillow!! Not sure if it's gonna stay on the couch or go on my bed!!???? Anyways I wanted to share my new pillow with you!!! So here's day one!!!!!!!! Let's see what tomorrows photo will be??


Have a wonderful weekend!!!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

365 Day Photo Challenge

So I thought this would be really really fun!! I see a lot of people doing this on blogs. You take and post a picture everyday! Anything you'd like. I love Photography and I adore photo editing!! I was teaching myself to to use photo shop that I begged my Husband for!! But I've found that is much easier for me LOL I'm a very simple minded person and don't have hours on end to spend on this computer teaching myself how to use Photo shop. I also have animation shop and paint shop pro!!! Yes I was serious about learning and photography!!! But now I'm serious that Picnik does a great job and I love it!! Yes Yes I know there's a ton of things I can't do on that website but it's ok for now! I have a Nikon D60 that I use for taking pix of the kids and whatever my little heart desires!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So here we go a year in the Life of LisaMarie............

DOn't worry I'll still be adding odd stuff like recipes and crafts and chit chats!! Love the Blogging world!! I'm also gonna be making a scrap book out of all these pictures so in a year you'll be able to see that!!! I'm sooooo extremely excited!!! Hope you pop by and see what I'm up toooooo!!! The next post will be my First Picture. I'm gonna go take it now! Have no clue yet what it will be!!!!!!!!!!???????????? I'll post it up tonight!!

xoxox Lisa

PS. Hey does anyone out there not how I can redesign this BLOG???????????? I love how some people have super cool blogs and I can't figure out how to get mine all cool like that!!!!!!!!!

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH BIG News!!!!!!!!!!! On the 23rd Hubby and I are taking our Son Devin to go see Lee Dewyze!! I'm super excited!! We all are!!!!! If you have no clue who he is you live under a Rock!! LOL just playing!! He was Last years American Idol winner! We're gonna go see him in Concert at a local college!!!! Well kinda Local!! It's like an hour away! But close enough hehehe...... Happy Weekend!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Decorating Dilemma & Ranting (warning very long post)

Uhhhhhhhh I want to redecorate my whole house!! I do this all the time! I get sick of things and need a change! I get worse at the end of every season!! I'm so ready for spring!! So ready to add some brighter colors to the house to cheer me up!! I've gotten to the point where I feel like we're out growing our house and I don't know how to decorate it!!! Gosh we just bought this house almost 3 years ago!!! So I have to make due with what I got right!!! LOL I'm gonna plan some projects for myself!! All budget ones toooo! What I hate about myself is that there's so many rooms I wanna redo that I get overwhelmed and don't know what room to start with and then nothing at all gets done! This is what is happening to me now!!!!!! Here's what I'd like done this Spring and Summer!! I have to write this down so that I don't forget a thing! I've been trying to find pictures on the internet of things I like but it's very hard for me to find exactly what I want! I love so many different styles and I want to mix them all up in my how with out it looking like Good will throw-up in my house!!

Let's start with my Dilemma............
My bedroom and the girls room are both done is Shabby Chic. Mines not over done cause Hubby isn't super into all the Shab!! So I try to tone it down there. The girls room is a mess. I tried painting a Castle on the wall which looks like a Dragon might be blowing it down cause it leans to one side!! LOL I Spelt the word WERE, WHERE and still have no clue how to fix it!! I guess repaint it over!! Anyways I've been collecting some Paris themed things I find here and there. I was always thinking once the girls got older I'd like to do their room all in Paris themed!! Not too much Pink and Black though! I don't really like that! I like softer colors going on like greens, blues, lighter pinks. I've been trying to figure out how I can mix Shabby Chic and the Paris Themed Stuff together! I love little pinches of Zebra stripes but only in like a throw pillow of something small. But their bedding is like a quilt of shabby chic fabrics and don't think that will look good! Since I spent $90 on each Quilt I don't want to get rid of the bedding!!!!!!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr SO then I thought what if I did my room in Paris themed stuff minus any PINK.... But I don't know?????? IDK what I want to do?? I want o paint my walls a very pale blue cause we have wood paneling that is just sooooooo ugly!!! Yes I've looked at this for 2 1/2 years and I'm ready to just paint it!!!!!! Or I was gonna go really Vintage in my room. It's so hard cause I love mixing different styles together but want them to flow nicely. We took the carpet out of the girls room and I want to paint a big round rug on it. I'l like to repaint their room too! Well maybe just 2 walls. I love the light pink and mint green stripes I did on the other 2 walls. SO I've tried to google and look on blogs to find Shabby Chic and Paris stuff mixed together but can't find anything!!!!! I can't figure out how to add black to their room either. Honestly I don't really like the black and bold pink at all just the paris stuff. I Painted an Eiffel Tower white cause I wasn't feeling the black. Yet I love the Zebra print just hate on anything BIG. I found some pictures I do like and here they are!! I got them from Google Images so I'm very sorry if they are anyones. If they are I will take them off!! I'm very sorry ahead of time if I took you're photos I'm just looking for inspiration for the 2 bedrooms!!!

This is My Favorite room. I love everything about it! I wish I could see the whole room.

I love the Nightstand in this room.

Love this for my Room

This is me all the WAY... Love this

And here's another for my room!! I think Hubby would like this one.

Wow I love the wall and pillows

Well I guess I'll keep looking for inspiration and brainstorming how I want to tackle these room!!