Thursday, March 31, 2011

365 Day Photo Challenge {Day 12}

My Favorite Mug. I had this really great Mug I got at T.J. Maxx and it had a picture of a women from about the 40's and a Makeup saying. It had a Lipstick for a Stirrer. OMG my favorite mug in the world. Well one of my kids broke it on me :( I was pretty sad! Hubby fixed it with Gorilla Glue. We we're good till I broke it once again!! Just the handle. So I put it on my dresser with my makeup for looks now. Hubby knew I was kinda sad cause I love coffee mugs. I have a bunch but finding the perfect one is soooo hard. My Starbucks Mug has a wide lip and I feel like my coffe cools off tooo fast! Then one day Hubby brought home this Lovely Mug from Dunkin Donuts!! I love him and the mug :) it's a coffee bean and so cute and I love the lip on it!! Perrrrrfeeeccct!! Sssshhhhhhh don't tell it that there's Starbucks Caramel Coffee inside heheheh.


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