Tuesday, March 29, 2011

365 Days Photo Challenge {day 11}

Took this picture while out driving around. It's just so cool looking. It was built around 1838 and the redid it about 1998. I love how they kept so much of the oldness. Love the colors as while. I love driving around taking pictures.
I hope I didn't resize this tooo small.

Happy Tuesday!!!!
xoxo LisaMarie

P.S yes i did rename my blog once again!! Hehehe!! I don't get around to posting crafts in stuff like I would like. Since it's just odd things about me & my life I decided to change the name. I used to have a blog on xanga that was called Simply LisaMarie. So I used that!! Ya I can't come up with anything cooler...

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NanaDiana said...

Well, as long as you don't change your name I should know who you are! xxoo Diana