Friday, March 11, 2011

365 Day Photo Challenge

So I thought this would be really really fun!! I see a lot of people doing this on blogs. You take and post a picture everyday! Anything you'd like. I love Photography and I adore photo editing!! I was teaching myself to to use photo shop that I begged my Husband for!! But I've found that is much easier for me LOL I'm a very simple minded person and don't have hours on end to spend on this computer teaching myself how to use Photo shop. I also have animation shop and paint shop pro!!! Yes I was serious about learning and photography!!! But now I'm serious that Picnik does a great job and I love it!! Yes Yes I know there's a ton of things I can't do on that website but it's ok for now! I have a Nikon D60 that I use for taking pix of the kids and whatever my little heart desires!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So here we go a year in the Life of LisaMarie............

DOn't worry I'll still be adding odd stuff like recipes and crafts and chit chats!! Love the Blogging world!! I'm also gonna be making a scrap book out of all these pictures so in a year you'll be able to see that!!! I'm sooooo extremely excited!!! Hope you pop by and see what I'm up toooooo!!! The next post will be my First Picture. I'm gonna go take it now! Have no clue yet what it will be!!!!!!!!!!???????????? I'll post it up tonight!!

xoxox Lisa

PS. Hey does anyone out there not how I can redesign this BLOG???????????? I love how some people have super cool blogs and I can't figure out how to get mine all cool like that!!!!!!!!!

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH BIG News!!!!!!!!!!! On the 23rd Hubby and I are taking our Son Devin to go see Lee Dewyze!! I'm super excited!! We all are!!!!! If you have no clue who he is you live under a Rock!! LOL just playing!! He was Last years American Idol winner! We're gonna go see him in Concert at a local college!!!! Well kinda Local!! It's like an hour away! But close enough hehehe...... Happy Weekend!!!

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