Saturday, March 12, 2011

365 Days Photo Challenge { day 1 }

So here's my very first day!!!!!!!!!!! I was at Target and saw this pillow!! I fell in love right away!!! It's huge it's soft and it's Beautiful!!! I wasn't gonna buy it cause it was $35...... Yay a bit crazy for a pillow. I'm a cheap Mama and I love budget shopping. But last time I wanted a Pillow from Simply Shabby Chic I didn't buy it. What to do what to do????? I just stared at if for awhile!!! Honestly I kicked myself in the butt for not buying that last one and not being able to find it anymore. SOOOOOO yaay I decided to just go ahead and treat myself to this Beautiful pillow!! Not sure if it's gonna stay on the couch or go on my bed!!???? Anyways I wanted to share my new pillow with you!!! So here's day one!!!!!!!! Let's see what tomorrows photo will be??


Have a wonderful weekend!!!!

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