Thursday, March 17, 2011

365 Day Photo Challenge {Day3}

Sorry I couldn't post yesterday!!!!!!!! Hubby was home and hogged the computer from me all day!! It was a very rainy Poo Poo day!! But today is very Sunny and Beautiful and it's like 61 degrees!! So I'm pretty excited that Spring is on it's way! Plus I have something popping up in my garden!!!

This is my cat Tommy, who badly wants to play with Sophia our Dove!!! Hubby says " No he wants to eat the bird" Poor bird! 2 weeks ago he knocked the cage over on the floor.

&& yes we keep Christmas lights up year round!!! Hehehe cause we're just cool like that!!! LOL

BTW Happy St. Patricks Day! I should have taken a St. Patrick's Day photo!! Sorry!! Gosh and I'm Irish!!! We're not really doing anything special!! I might decorate the table for the family! We're having Taco's tonight cause nobody but Hubby will eat corned Beef :( I love my cabbage but made it last week!!!! I made the girls green milk today!! Which they found so cool that now they keep asking for yellow milk, blue milk........... Oh ya I've made all the colors today!! LOL
Well gotta go I see this really cool pink piece of something outside that I gotta go snatch up before someone else does!! hehe

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