Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fall Porch Decor

Well Fall is here. Well I think we still have a few days. But here in CT it has been getting chilly and the leaves are changing colors. We've been wearing hoodies at the bus stop and drinking more coffee. Fall and Halloween are my Favorite time to decorate.

Even Hubby got into it this year and went and got me some things for the porch. We picked Pumpkins out of our garden and got to work. I'm pretty pleased with how pretty the porch turned out. It's so Fall and so cozy.

Now time to relax and enjoy the view with some Pumpkin coffee or well if you are like me it's the best time for some pumpkin beer with my love :)

Happy Fall Y'all

Back to School 2014

Well the kiddos are back to school. That means I'm back to my regular job at the high school.
This has to the the fastest summer ever. It just flew by so darn fast. I want Summer back. I don't know if it's because I took a summer job or what???? I never got my summer tan I wanted and I barely used my pool. Butttt I do love Fall. It's my favorite season besides Summmer. I just love the Fall colors and I absolutely love Pumpkins and Sunflowers!!!! In my next post I will share my Autumn Decor!!
Ok so here are the kids back to school!! Kaleigh and Briella are in 3rd grade and Devin is in 7th... OMG yes 7th grade. I remember when he was in preschool with his baby blanket and doggie in his back pack. Where the he'll has the time gone??? I'm starting to feel old over here. He's so big we bought him a size 11.5 sneakers. Yup that's right my kids gonna be a freaking giant while I'm over here shrinking into a midget!! LoL.
The girls are so adorable this year. Briella is really into clothes and dressing up. She's my little fashonista!! Kaleigh loves pretty clothes too but she's more all about enjoying each moment of life. That are just too cute!

New Fall Hair Color

Well Fall is on its way. Since the end of last winter I said I wanted a red color for Fall. Well I did it. I really love it too. I have noticed it fading already bit it's still a fun color. I used Clairol Cinnaberry, it's a wash out dye. I have used this color since high school. Though I am pretty sure they changed the formula. It never came out this red before. Although I do like this color it's fading fast and I would like i to be a little more brown. With couponing I have collected 5 dyes the past week. I grabbed a brown and the rest are aurburn colors. I will play around with them this Fall and Winter. Also I think I will leave the blonde in the front till I get sick of it, but I'm pretty sure it will stay like that for awhile. It's hard for me to get rid of all my blonde. I Love reddish browns me cause they warm me up and make my eyes stand out.
Happy Fall Y'all !!!

Thanks for checking my blog out. Have a Fabulous Day!! xoox