Wednesday, September 17, 2014

New Fall Hair Color

Well Fall is on its way. Since the end of last winter I said I wanted a red color for Fall. Well I did it. I really love it too. I have noticed it fading already bit it's still a fun color. I used Clairol Cinnaberry, it's a wash out dye. I have used this color since high school. Though I am pretty sure they changed the formula. It never came out this red before. Although I do like this color it's fading fast and I would like i to be a little more brown. With couponing I have collected 5 dyes the past week. I grabbed a brown and the rest are aurburn colors. I will play around with them this Fall and Winter. Also I think I will leave the blonde in the front till I get sick of it, but I'm pretty sure it will stay like that for awhile. It's hard for me to get rid of all my blonde. I Love reddish browns me cause they warm me up and make my eyes stand out.
Happy Fall Y'all !!!

Thanks for checking my blog out. Have a Fabulous Day!! xoox

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