Monday, August 29, 2011

Pumpkin Coffee to stay sane from my Insane day!!

So I've been dying for some Pumpkin coffee lately!! I just love Autumn flavors and scents. Hubby says he thinks Fall is my favorite season but I won't admit it! Well I think he may just be right. I really do love everything about Fall but certainly do hate knowing that Winter is on it way. We get a lot of snow here in New England.

Anyways I've had a hell of a day and needed a Pumpkin coffee. Sure wish my Keurig would just answer my wishes!! LOL I decided to mix cinnamon and ground allspice into my coffee grinds and Profectoooooo I have Pumpkin Spice Coffee right here unStressing very so stressful day. I'm not a huge emotional person, I mean I don't sweat the small stuff in life and I can easily shrug shit off or just not let it bother me cause I know things will work out in the end or it could only be worse!! Well today I'm pretty freaking sure it can't get any worse!! I'm probably the dumbest person I know. So our bank has switched to a new bank and I still am having a hell of a time with the online banking, cause I'm not the brightest crayon in the box..... I double paid a bunch of bills and now I'm pretty damn negative on my account and I'm having one hell of a time getting my money back!! Grrrrrrrr.. it's all my fault too. Poor Hubs gets to work today and has his gas light came on. He works like 35 mins away, so has no clue how he's coming home!! All because I'm an idiot!! Oh and try calling CLP today to tell them u double paid them!! They have like millions of power outages to worry about not my money.....

Ok so enough already! I made my coffee I've cleaned the house, well most of the house!! I cried all my tears out and I'm gonna get through this!! One coffee at a time.

Anyways that's my day I'm pleading insanity for the rest of it and gonna start making some dinner soon and then watching Design Star later with a bit of cuddle time with the hubs. Kiddos are gonna be off to bed early!!

Enjoy your day!!! Lord knows I can't wait for it to end!!

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