Saturday, January 3, 2015

DIY Jack Daniel's Lamp

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So for Christmas I made Hubby a lamp. I saw on Pintertest how you can cut glass bottles in half. Pretty cool right? Well It took me 3 tries and I almost lost an eye. Yup I'd say pretty dangerous. You have to also set it on fire so that really ups the danger. I just wanted to make something fun and unique. So I knew I wanted to make something with a Jack Daniel's bottle but wasn't sure till I was throwing out an old lamp of the girls. I noticed the cord was just tied onto this cheap lamp so I took it apart and knew I had to make a lamp. All the supplies were on hand that I found around the house, so I guess we can say it was a free project.
We've been collecting bottle tops for a table we want to cover some day. I took some of those to rim the lamp shade. To cut the bottle you wrap a string or yarn around it nice and tight. Trim the excess off. Pul the string off and soak in rubbing alcohol and then place the string back to where you want to break the glass. Light it on fire and spin the bottle for about a minute then quickly while still on fire place it in a bucket of ice water. It's a scary process and it didn't work at first. This time it did but I had to pull it apart. It didn't just break off in the water like videos I saw. It broke a small piece off which worked in my favor, cause I needed a spot for the wire. I would have preferred it to be in back but oh well it was my first time playing with glass and fire so I'm happy. Maybe this didn't come out as pretty as I would have like but I'm still proud of the home made lamp I made for Hubby and makes for good conversation.
Well I hope you like my project. I'm completely obsessed with Pinterest and all the fun ideas you can get from that site. It's by far my favorite site to visit. I'm not that computer savvy and don't really know how people link all their stuff up on there but I'm hoping to learn. My pinterest is LisaLuvs MAC

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