Saturday, January 3, 2015

Our NYE Popping Corn &Wine

Our NYE Popping corn and drinking Wine:

So for New Years we stayed home with the kids and had a lot of fun. We used our new popcorn maker that grandma gave us for Christmas. We goofed around and laughed a lot. Also watched the all the entertainers in NYC and the ball drop on TV.

I love NYE it gives hope to a new start for a fresh new year!!! Also a reminder that my birthday is next week and that I'm going to be old. HEHEE but also getting a pinch closer to Spring!!! Ughhh as I type and the snow is fall so fast outside. I do hope this year is a great one and less stressful then the past year.

I'm so excited for all the things we can do this year though. Winters are long here and seem to never end. Though we haven't had much of any snow this year. Again it's snowing right now as a speak and it's annoying me!!!! LOL Snow is very pretty and I love watching the kids have fun in it but I just hate the cold weather and that it's 4pm and already getting dark out. Well Spring will come right??? Then I get to garden and be outside with the kids playing in the yard with the dogs. We love opening our pole and spending the day outside with the kids. Summer is my favorite time of year. I just love hot long sunny days!!!! We play cards by the pool and cook on the grill and chase the dogs around the yard!! Oh and did I mention my garden! Heehee I just love to garden. I live in a cold state but Summer is my all time favorite. It's also when we get to go camping, which is always my favorite time with the Family. Fall is pretty too!!! That's my second favorite time. You never know if it will stay warm here or get cold quickly. The colors of Fall our my favorite all it's beautiful colors and smells. I'm Pumpkin obsessed!! Also I really love decorating for Fall time and Halloween is the funnest Holiday. Then Winter will come creep up on us pretty fast like every year. It gets very cold and the days are very short. We just like to drink coffee (maybe some wine) cuddle and watch a lot of netflix.

Well I am excited to see what 2015 has in store for the Family & I this year! Maybe I'll win the lottery and buy a log cabin and some boobs oh and all the makeup in the world. We can go on Vacation to Disney and take the kids to a really nice fun spot for our Summer vacation.!!!!! Oh who am I kidding!! Day dreaming is fun though. I'll be over here cutting my coupons and couponing the crap out of my drugstore beauty items. Working on my budget and meal planner. But also enjoying my crazy silly family and making lasting memories with them!! Even if it is just writing in the driveway with chalk and baking with the kids or cuddling with my Hubby and drinking some wine. But please 2015 I'd ask you nicely to make my kids a bit neater around the house!!! Also maybe the dogs can stop getting into the garbage and leaving big messes for Mama to clean up before coffee time!! Thanks

Hope everyone else had a great New Years Eve.

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