Monday, August 30, 2010

My baby goes to Kindergarten Tomorrow

I can't believe my daughter,Kaleigh Savannah will start her first day of school!! I am a bit nervous but I know she'll be just fine and make new friends! She's all ready with her princess sneakers and princess backpack!! Grandma even took her shopping this past weekend too and got some very adorable stuff!! Go grandma!!! Kaleigh will be attending morning kindergarten even though I asked for afternoon!! Why do they even ask you when know body I know gets what they want?? I'm sure she'll be fine with mornings after awhile! She's my sleeper and not a morning person LOL!! But she'll be on the bus with her big brother Devin!! He's going into 3rd grade this year! Time sure does fly!! She gets to bring a snack and a drink. So glad she's not having lunch there her first year!!!! She's my very picky eater and even next year I'll probably be packing her lunch for her LOL. Just can't believe summer has come to an end!!! Today will make sure the kids have their stuff all ready to go and pack a nice healthy snack. Oh and I'm not sure that my 4 year daughter is gonna know what to do with out her sister :( Briella Summer is only a year younger than Kaleigh and they've never ever been apart before so this might be a tough day for all tomorrow!! Keep us in your prayers for a Happy Healthy School Year!!! xoxoxo Oh and I'll post the first day of school pix as soon as possible!! I'm switching internet services on wed. so I'm not sure how all of this works??? Like I'm not sure how I keep my blogger and facebook and all my other fun sites?? I'm guessing I'll get a new email address and some how just change it on all the sites?? IDK we'll see!!! God Bless and Have a wonderful week!!!!

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NanaDiana said...

Oh..your baby is growing up! What a sad/happy occassion it is-starting Kindergarten and leaving babyhood behind! Buck up Mom! She'll do great...and so will you! Diana