Monday, June 29, 2015

My oldest turns 14

Wow where does the years go?? 14 years ago I gave birth to my first child, Devin Louis. This kid has grown up do darn face it seriously makes my head spin. His last visit a few months back to the pedestrians office confirmed him being 5'8 and 150 pounds. Oh my not a baby anymore that's for damn sure. That makes him 8 inches taller than me and I'm pretty sure he may have grown an inch since then.
I remember bring him home for the first time. This tiny little bundle of joy on a hot Summers day. We lived in this tiny little apartment on the 3rd floor learning to be parents for the first time. He had blonde hair and blue eyes looking like a mini version of my husband. Then he grow into the funniest wildest little boy. So much energy came from this cute little guy. I remember him banging his head crying at my mom's house cause I had to leave him and go to work. I would cry driving to work wishing I could just turn around and scoop him back up. He's daddy would parade him around cars shows with his friends and we would go swimming and take him camping during the summer.
Watching little boys grow up is a ton of fun but I was meant to only have one!! We had 2 little girls after our rough tough messy little boy. He ran around the yard with sticks and searched for worms in the yard. He played rough and got extremely dirty all time. Back then he thought he was a power ranger and an army guy all in one. Kept me on my toes from morning till night. I had to climb in his car bed and read him like 7 books before he fell asleep for the night.
By the time he was 7 we bought our very own house with a huge backyard and a new puppy to to entertain all that boy energy he held. He grew so fast and became a great student and and amazing track star. Devin will be going to 8th grade this year, his last year in the middle school. His hair has become darker and curler and his eyes changed to a beautiful green. His big dimple remains the same. He's a great big brother to his younger sisters and loves animals,video games and the solar system!!
Happy Birthday to the not little boy anymore.

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