Thursday, December 31, 2015

A look back on 2015

Happy New Year!!! 2015 was a wonderful year with many ups and downs in our world.

Last Year I told myself I would blog and blog and blog about our life and the kids growing so fast. But I let the year slip me by. Time has gone by faster than I could have imagines!! I didn't achieve my goal which I thought would be an easy one!! But gosh it was tough and both my computers crashed and I thought I could use my smart phone. Anyways it just didn't happen the way I planned. Looking back at old pictures on facebook and instagram and my phone make me sad how fast these kids are growing before my eyes!!! So I promise myself no matter how hard it gets and how fast the day slips by me I will record them much more!!!! I'll also be doing a lot vlogging on my youtube channel My Channel as much as possible. I want to be to look back at my babies and their growth and share with the world and family. SO please join us as we get a bit silly and serious at times and share our life with the public.

What will you find here and on my channel???? Well a bit of everything. I started my channel as a beauty channel because I love makeup so much and I was a bored SAHM. No adays I've gotten into so much more in life. I've always been into food and recipes and have taken that passion on as I went through a new lifestyle change. A few years back I became a Vegan. I'm more of a Vegetarian now because I just love cheese, but eat mainly Vegan. With that I'd love to share my recipes with you. My family doesn't eat fully Vegetarian so you'll be seeing meat as well. Also I have a new job as a cook/manager at my daughter Elementary School, I just love it so much. on youtube I've gotten more into watching family videos which has inspired me to share mine with you. Join us this New Year with little peices of our lives.

So here's a recap on 2015

We got to eat most of our meals from my huge garden I planted this year!!! We even got my daughter an Apple tree for her birthday. Some good organic goodness!!!
I've lost almost 20 pounds from eating mainly all fruits and vegetables. But I hope to gain about 10 pounds back this year. Why??? Well I just have one of those body types that loses all curves with weight lose. I'd like to get them back. Along with some toning up this year. Which reminds me I bought the Tone It Up book and it's amazing!! I'm going to touch more on that in another post.

My girls took on an instrument this year. Briella is playing the Cello and Kaleigh is playing the Violin. Both beautiful strings and they are working hard on them.

This is Hubby & I at my cousins wedding. It was beautiful and so much fun!! Loved seeing the Family I haven't see in awhile!!! We wore matching black and red!! I thought we were pretty good looking that night!!!
The girls enjoying the amzingly warm and gorgeous Fall we had this year!! This was at one of my sons Cross Country meets. Due to the fact I haven't had a computer for half the year I don't have very many pictures in this new one.
Last Month we went to Vegas for our Anniversary. My dream of going to Paris was closely filled by Hubby & I celebrating our Anniversary at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant. They even had a vegetarian meal for me.
It was a blast and a much needed Mommy & Daddy Vacation. 
Devin does Track in the Spring & Cross Country in the Fall. The girls love cheering their big Brother on. He even won an award and plaque in his honor. Next year he'll be in High School but he gets to go back for the first meet and shoot the gun.

Daddy & his little Loves

Trader Joes came out with Spray coconut oil!! Mama bear was one happy cooker.

My Husband might kill me for this one!!!! But damn he's the sexiest Husband in the whole world!
Aren't they just darling! They are in the 4th grade this year. Learning lot's of new things. Home has gotten harder and they are reading more and working hard.
Halloween. One of our favorite holidays!!! The girls were Monster High's this year. Of coarse Devin and my nephew didn't want a picture taken.
The girls were in the Christmas Parade walking Santa to his Village. It was so exciting for them!!
We waited almost 6 hours for Santa. Yup you heard that right. We are nuts!!!
The kids and Santa

Oh and we got a new member to our family this year!!!! A bunny and it was Kaleigh's turn to name a pet this time. She named her Carrots and she's the cutest and sweetest little baby bunny.
This was Thanksgiving. We had the Family over and it was such a lovely day. Sadly my mom had surgery so my parents couldn't come over. The weather has been so Gorgeous and warm this year. I fear by next year the girls might get almost as tall as me. I've excepted the fact that I'm small and everyone is out growing me. Hahhaaaa

Well I don't wan to go too crazy with this post so that's all for now!!! What a lovely year we have had and i hope to have an even better on this year!!

Happy & Healthy New Year to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!

The DuHaime Family

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