Thursday, September 1, 2011

First Day of School

SO the kids went back to school yesterday!! My oldest is in 4th grade, such a big boy now! The girls are in Kindergarten so that is super fun!! Briella did really well and really loves school so much! Kaleigh had a tougher time. She's in all day Kindergarten so the day was pretty long for her and she said she cried all day for me. But she was so excited to go to school today so that's a relief. I'll be added pix of their first day later! This is the first time in 10 years that I have no kids for a few hours. It's pretty weird just me and the doggies LOL. So as soon as I'm done with my breakfast right here I'm gonna go clean like crazy and see how much I can get done before Briella gets off the bus in 3 hours. I'd really like to get a shower in there too :) We'll see. When Briella gets off the bus we'll have lunch and then off to Lowe's. Hubby & I want to repaint the house and add stripes to a big wall. So I want to go get some more paint swatches. Happy Back to School Time everyone!! xoxo LisaMarie


NanaDiana said...

I can remember the first time all the kids were in school- It WAS weird! Hope you can find your paint! xo Diana

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Galaxia said...

aww : ) hope i can do things as efficiently as you one day haha

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