Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hubby Lunches

Hello Welcome back to my Food blog!!
Today I got to work at the kids school again!! I love seeing them and all their friends!! Everyone always says hi and gets all excited when they see me!!!
My son is taking the CMT's this month. The crazy thing is he likes it!! Haha when I was younger I hated any kind of tests!!

So I wanted to share some of Hubby's lunches I made him. I like to make a few days at a time sometimes even the whole week depending on what I'm making him!! I made some egg salad sandwiches for a couple days!! One I put on ciabatta bras and the other on this really yummy whole grain bread!!! Over the weekend I made him chicken salad sandwiches so the leftover I put in a salad for him!!

I mainly pack him cold lunches because its easier but somedays he'll get leftovers from the dinner before! Like on Sunday I made homemade sauce and meatballs!!

I eat some type of salad everyday for lunch!! Unless I'm really cold and want something nice and warm, salad it is!! I just love salad so much :)

What do you pack for lunches??

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