Saturday, December 4, 2010

Toy Dilemma

OK the only thing the girls asked for this year is Furreal Friends GoGo walking Pup

It's $50!!!!!!!! Yes you heard me $50!!! &&& I have 2 girls! So that's $100 on just 2 gifts!! The only other thing I got them this year was a Big Doll House and I got that on sale for a really great deal! So they would have like no gifts this year! It's a very rough year for us & we just can't get a lot. I don't know if I should get them the Pups like they want or a few smaller things????? Are these Dogs even worth the money??? My girls are 4 & 5. They love animals and dogs are their favorite! We have two dogs so they are dog lovers! Over the summer we took them to build~a~bear and they got doggies there and that was over a $100. Kids have some expensive taste HUH!!! LOL. They still love them and take very good care of them. I'm gonna keep surfing the web seeing if I can get any god deals for theses things!! LOL I saw a cat that was $40 but they want the darn white dog!!!!! ~ Happy Holidays ~

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NanaDiana said...

If that is the ONLY thing they want-I would probably get it....Could you get one for them to "share"...a family "pet"? I know how that goes though! If you get them a bunch of smaller things instead are they going to be really disappointed that they didn't get the only thing they really wanted? I know..economic times are tough too. Do you have a parent/grandparent that could gift it - or at least share in the cost? Are there coupons or discounts at one of your stores? I know..not much help but if they were my grands I would help out with the cost. Good luck-it will be a hard decision...Hugs- Diana