Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Resolutions

Hey everyone!!! I hope everyone enjoyed their Holiday!!!!! Mine was very crazy and I was sick for like a week so that sucked pretty bad!!!!! But the kids got everything they wanted and I got a wireless printer :) We took down the dead tree cause of all the darn pine needles all over the place LOL..... I thought I'd share my New Years Resolutions with you!!! Plus I can look back and see if I can sick with them!! I feel like 2010 flew by so fast!! I feel like I didn't even do much with myself. I've enjoyed meeting a lot of new friends online this past year so that's a plus!! I'm excited to share another year with my wonderful Hubby and family. So here we go some plans for the new year!!

1. I've dyed my hair Brown, and I'm hoping to grow it out for 2011!!!
~ I've dyed it every color and managed to ruin the crap outta my poor hair in 2010 :( Time to get my hair back!!!

2. I wanna get on track with my Vegan diet. I've been having a tough time giving up cheese which is no excuse since theirs so many Vegan cheeses out there. I love eating Vegan and it makes me feel so good and so healthy!!

3. I'd like to save money to go to school to become a Makeup Artist.
It's my passion and once all the kids are in school full time I want to do something I love and enjoy!!

4. I want to get my house more organized !! Sometimes I think I just let things go cause I'm so busy with the kids and life!!! But I'm so crabby when things are outta place!!

5. I really want to do something with my bedroom this year. We've lived here for 2 years and still have ugly paneling on the walls and I just want a pretty Shabby Chic bedroom!! Hubby just hung some shutters above our bed as a faux headboard and I love it so much I just want the room to look beautiful!!!!

6. I want to learn something new this year!! IDk know what but I hope by the end of the year I can say I learn THIS!!! I just would love to learn something new!! Hope to find it!!!

7. And last!!!!! My whole life I've always wanted to write a book!!! I talk to Hubby about it all the time!! He's always asking when I'm gonna start!!! Well I have no clue as to what I'd like to write about!!!???? I just know that this year I'd like to find something that I'd like to write about even if it's just for myself!!!!! I feel like someday it's gonna come to me but when??????????????

So what are your New Years Resolutions???????????

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NanaDiana said...

LisaMarie- I think you have made some wonderful resolutions for the year. You are young- GO FOR IT! As for me..this year I decided NOT to make any resolutions...I am just going to live the best life I can live and not beat myself up for falling off some goal that I have set that I have no means of ever obtaining...I have done that for way too many years.

Happy New Year to you and your sweet family! Hugs- Diana