Thursday, January 6, 2011

How to Please a Man

I was talking to Hubby the other day about all these projects I want to do around the house!! We've lived here for 2 and half years and I still feel like there;s so much to do! I'm always redecorating and moving things around cause I get bored very easily!! Hehehe I just can't help myself!!! I was asking what he thought about this and that and that my mom had a hutch for me, you know cause I don't own enough furniture around here LOL. He was like "well it doesn't matter. My opinion doesn't matter cause you do what you want around here!!" He said we have different tastes and I won't let him win!! He can't bare to have one more Shabby Chic item enter this house LOL. My style or styles I should say are Shabby Chic, Country, Cottage, anything Vintage, I also Love fun and funky stuff. He'd go more this modern plain and simple and clean. How do we share the same house??? IDK??? I've decided to downsize the Shabby a bit and find something new!! But what?? I want to redo every room and make us both happy!! How in the world can I mix up both are tastes and make my house pretty!! He's like to buy all new stuff and I'd much rather dig through junk and go to Flea Markets or Goodwill and repaint every thing in site LOL. Should I just pick a room and kinda get it simple to more his style??? Also I'm so darn sick of the Butter colored walls in my dinning and living room!! They share this one big wall and I just don't know if I'm ready to paint both rooms right now? I can't even find a color to paint?? The color is called Moon Mist and it's like a very pale Yellow Cream color. I really am hating the color. We painted our stairway wall a Bold red color, I think it's called Cherry Cobbler it's a deep red. I don't want another dark color but what color would flow well with this??? Winter always seems so long to be trapped up in the house and I just want to get my house in order and love it!!! I was inlove with this house and begged hubby to buy it!! Now I'm not loving it so much!! So I thought if I could just redecorate on a very strict budget I'd like it much better!! Also I have this tiny little living room that I just don't know what to do this!! Doesn't help out 62 inch TV takes up all the space LOL. I'll have to start taking pix and maybe I get get some advice????? I search and search online in hopes I can find a room that I love and just want to replicate on my own but no luck yet!! I have to just pull it outta my head I guess!!! Time to start watching more HGTV!!!!!! Good Day All!!

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Hi Lisa,
Does your husband have his own space? A room or basement fixed up or garage? I have learned that our guys need their own spaces too. Why wouldn't they? Mine actually has his own cottage on our property. lol But has his own room, office and bathroom in the house too. Not that every man needs all of those rooms but just some place he can call his own. Even part of a room, just for him. Trust me he will be very happy. He is a great guy already and I am sure he is a hard worker for his family. I'll bet you get a big 'ole hug and kiss if he gets his own space.Good luck:)
~Debra xxx
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NanaDiana said...

I think all men like their own spaces...and most men don't "get it" when it comes to the decorating thing! xxoo Diana