Monday, June 10, 2013

Healthy Banana Freeze Pops for kids

Happy Monday!!
Summer is on its way and I have a delicious treat for you and the kids. My banana went brown very quickly this week. I guess because of the heat. I always buy a lot of banana at once to last cause we eat a lot of them here!! But my kids refuse to eat them when they get brown spots. So what better then some freeze pops!!!

I used my Ninja for this but you can use any blender or food processor that you have!! But the ninja is awesome!!

Ok here's what you'll need
About 4-5 Ripe Bananas
About 4 cups of Coconut milk or any milk of your choice!!
A little sugar or honey! I used 3 packages of Sugar in the Raw

Blend everything together and put into little cups or a pop maker. I used plastic little cups that we use for brushing teeth. We always save our Popsicle sticks too!!

Just pour and freeze!! Super yummy. I really love the coconut milk for this it just makes is Summery but go ahead and use what you like!!
Enjoy and stay cool!!

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