Thursday, June 6, 2013

Lunch Lady Mommy Chit Chat

Hello Bogging World!!! So it's official yesterday was my first day a REAL lunch lady!!! Hehe I've been subbing in the cafeteria for a few schools in town all year and a job opening came up at the High School!! I'm so excited to have a steady job instead of subbing! I liked subbing this year cause it was my first year back to work in many years of being at SAHM. So that eased me into working again.
Yay!!! :)

So this kids last day of school is on June 20th. Which is also my sons 12th birthday! I think this is the first year he's ever been in school for his birthday!! He's off to the middle school next year!! I just can't believe how big he has gotten and he's 2 inches taller than me now :( omg crazy!!!

The girls will be going into 2nd grade next year! Which seems impossible. I feel like they were just babies!!

I'm super excited for summer and to kinda be off routine for a bit!! We'll enjoy the pool and I have some painting projects to do!! I'll be sharing those with you! Also so much to do around the house! I feel like there's always something to do and redo! I can't wait to share my home with you!!

Well thanks so much for checking out my blog and please feel free to leave comments I'd love to chat.

Here's some recent pictures of the family I wanted to share.

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