Saturday, August 2, 2014

30 day Veggie Challenge

Hello blogging world, I've decided to do this challenge so I can get back into eating healthy again. I'm a good Eater and don't eat much meat at all but during this summer I have been eating horrible. Drinking lots of beer and snacking on fattening delicious stuff.

Well eating and drinking like my husband has lead to and 8 pound weight gain and a flabby stomach. Which Hubby doesn't seem to mind but I already wanted to lose a few pounds before this and tone up my mommy flab. It's hard taking care of yourself sometimes when you are working and taking care of others. I've been really tired after work and feel sluggish the rest of the day. So what better time then now to try and turn things around.

I have gone Vegetarian many many times and even was Vegan for 2 years. So this time I'm trying my hardest to stick with it. I thought maybe if I post my daily meals here it will keep me motivated to keep going.

So here's my first entry. Kale chips straight from my garden. The kids went nuts over these I had to make 3 batches. 

Very simple to make. Just wash kale and break up in smaller pieces. Place on cookie sheet and drizzle some olive oil and season with garlic, salt and pepper. Back in oven 350 for about 15 minutes till crispy.

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