Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Day 2 no meat challenge

Day 2

So I actually had some breakfast today. Figured I better get some cereal before the kids eat it all on me. They eat cereal all day long. I like my cereal with coconut milk or almond milk. Let's not forget my 3 cups of black coffee (Starbucks that is) with cinnamon.

For lunch I had mac and cheese with spinach and kale. Let's not forget the garlic!! Yum. It was actually a knows pasta side that I spiced up. I used coconut milk instead of real milk, and you'd never know!! Oh and I added some white sharp cheddar cheese. Something quick and easy while cleaning the house and dealing with a never ending laundry basket.

For dinner I had a cheese quesadilla and a salad with some buffalo ranch. I know I know probably a bad choose on that fat ass dressing. But oh well I'm trying here!

Hubby has been good too eating my all veggie meals. Though I have been packing him lunch meat sandwiches. But I know he will never fully give up meat.

So far no meat craving. But like I've said before I've done this plenty of times and I'm not much of a meat eater.

Oh and here's an extra picture, it's my girls being all cute enjoying summer.

Xox Lisamarie

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