Saturday, September 18, 2010

A good GoodWill deal!!

My Goodwill always has amazing things for dirt cheap! I collect heart shelves and i pretty much find one there every time!!! But not this time. But look what I got for $6.32 yes that's right!! Still thinking about what to do with the basket?? I was gonna give it to the girls for their shoes!! But they have been wrecking stuff in their room lately!!! So IDK we'll see!!! The chair is in my dining room and is for decoration only!!!!!!!!! That's what I tell the 3 little monsters! My mom said she'd make me a slip cover for it if I'd like!!?? What do you think? Leave it alone or get a Shabby Chic slipcover???? Help me decide! An the little knick knack is on my Hutch sitting pretty! I'll post a pix of my Hutch too! I redid it and moved it to a different wall cause it was collecting junk where it was before!!! I must have redecorated it 20 times in one day!! Ya i wasted a lot of time on that thing! LOL but I think I like it this way!! I'm trying to do something in my dining room! It's a space between the Playroom & the Living Room, it's pretty much in the middle of everything and I just don't know what to do in there????? I have to move the table up by the wall all the time so we can walk comfortably! SO anyways I've been working in there! I'll post pix when I'm done! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!

Sorry Pic came out blurry!

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What a little cutie your daughter is:) Let mom shabby chic it up. I would put lots of ruffles on it. It's a great piece as is that basket.What a great find!
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