Friday, September 24, 2010

Keeping it Green

Going green has been so much fun for me!! I love doing anything I can to try and save the planet we live on! There's nowhere else for us to go. There's so many little things in your life you can do to help out. Whenever I ask people if they recycle I'm shocked to here that they don't or they do sometimes!!!!!! Or the famous one I get " Ya the garbage is right there "! Well I keep a little recycling bin in my kitchen and as a chore my son everyday has to dump it in our big one, which just last year the town has given out recycling bind that our the same size as our garbage!! Can you guess which one is overflowing over here all the time??? Yup! Ours I actually recycle more than I toss! Ok besides recycling here are just a few other ways of going green!

~ Use your own fabric bags instead of the store bags
~ Use filtered tap water instead of bottled water
~ Turn your hot water heater down
~ Eat your leftovers or give them to a neighbor
~ Unplug appliances when not being used
~ Work from home
~ Eat less meat
~ Use your clothes line as often as you can
~ Carpool
~ Use second hand items rather than brand new
~ Use recycled paper
~ start a compost ( we did this for the first time this year & the kids love it )
~ Get solar panels
~ Plant a garden
~ Buy locally grown produce
~ Use recharge batteries
~ Plant a tree
~ REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE, & Repurposing!
I guess you get the point! Just take an extra minute and think about stuff around your house you can do!

I wanted to also share with you my favorite organic cleaner! I've been using Mrs. Meyers for years. Before you could only get this online but now I've finding a lot in the stores! Not as much as a selection you'll find online but still it makes me happy I can get it at Target :)My hubbys aunt got me hooked on this stuff! It smells amazing, cleans great, it's healthy for you and your kids to use and breath in!! The one scent I do love but can't find at the stores is the Geranium one. Also they come out with a seasonal scent that just doesn't stay long enough LOL I went nuts over the Honey Suckle back in 2007 and have written the company 3 times to please please please return this scent!! I want to eat it and roll around in it, it's so yummy! LOL THEN............ one day while at Target what do I see!!!!!!?????? A broken lonely bottle of Honey Suckle in hand soap!! I asked them to discount it cause it was broken!! I put it at my kitchen sink and hoarded it all to myself hehe!! Love that scent!
or you can find it on


NanaDiana said...

Oh...I recycle too! And I am a Mrs.Meyers lady all the way. I love her LemonVerbana the best for laundry soap though-but I do use the Clean scent if I can't find the other. I have not tried the geranium scent yet but someone said it was pretty strong.

I drink Starbucks and I recycle those cup protectors...they all thought it was so funny that I did that and now they tell others to do it too. When I don't have one they really give me the jokes! Hugs- Diana

mangocheeks said...

I've enjoyed recycling too, but have a long way to go still.

Another to add is to shop at thrift/charity shops. So much there can be someone elses happy find. said...

All great ideas! I do many of them. I am going to have to try Meyers also.Have a great week:)
Capers of the vintage vixens