Tuesday, September 7, 2010

OH No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My little one split my beer on my MacBook over the weekend :( Now I have no more laptop!!! It was a totally accident, but a very expensive one! I sure don't have money for a new one! I do have my PC though. I just can't get it much cause it's upstairs in my room! So it's almost impossible to get up here while the kids are around!!! So I'm not too sure how often I can update my blogs :( Hopefully soon though! I've been redecorating the house and I wanna share pictures!! I can't wait to share the $3 chair I got today from goodwill!!! So exciting to find good deals!! Also in the fall I like to change out most of my white summer curtains for a bit darker color!!! I seem to go more Shabby Chic in the Spring & Summer, then in the Fall & Winter I go more Country! So I'm hoping I can share some pix with you by the weekend!! Hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day and Enjoys their week!!! Hubby had to work on Labor Day so that kinda stunk!! But we had family over for dinner this weekend!! Please pray for our family as My father-In Laws house just caught fire! It's so sad! You think something like this would never happen to you or your family. Nobody was home and nobody was hurt thank god!! Just major damage but the house will be rebuilt! Also my brother in law & his girlfriend lived on the first floor. So they are all outta home right now. But don't worry everyone has a place to stay. I guess everything happens for a reason! Now they will get a beautiful new home :) On another note the kids are really enjoying school! Oh and today I had my first Pumpkin Spice Coffee from D&D from year. I love fall!! I hate spending the money at D&D but during this time of the year I'll do it!! Ok my girls ran downstairs so I guess I'll be going LOL Hope to talk Soon!!!

P.S. every here the saying A Clean Home Means A Broken Computer!!! LOL well let's see if it's true here :)

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Oh no is right. Sorry to hear about your computer and the house fire. Maybe you can get it fixed? There is a place in Southbury that does it I think. I can't wait to see pics of your new seasonal decorating. And really can't wait to see the $3.00 chair!!!!There are lots of places in this area to get some good deals. Have fun!
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Debbie~ said...

I'm so sorry about your father in laws home, thank God everyone is safe!!! I feel for you losing your lap top, I don't have one, but I know everyone that does, just loves them and like you mentioned not being able to use your PC because of your little ones is a toughy! I'll be looking forward to seeing your new pics of all your handywork! Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind words! Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs