Friday, September 17, 2010

My First Vegan Meatloaf Ever

So here's the thing I've been working on being a Vegan since October 2009 and it's had it's ups & downs!!!! I've had some set backs put was always happy that I didn't give up and I don't plan on giving up!!! Finding new recipes and experimenting with new foods is really fun!! So if you are a Vegan already please bare with me!!! As I am kinda a newbie and learning along the way!!! So I wanna start sharing my recipes with you! So here we go.......... Vegan Meatloaf. I never used TVP before and I never know what the heck it was!!!!!???? But I'm sure glad I found it! There a certain comfort foods that I think just stick with you! Mine include, meatloaf, stuff cabbage, chili, mac & cheese, & something with biscuits and gravy!! So let's talk about my meatloaf!! I did a bit of research online!! Read some recipes tooooo! But....... well if you talk to my Husband he will explain that I don't know how to follow rules, direction and I just don't know how to leave things alone!! LOL I don't care if it came from Paula Dean I'm add my own person touch to a recipe. Well it came out really good but I know I can do better! It was a bit dry and had way too much worcestershire sauce. It did taste better the next day for some odd reason! Now I don't measure very many things :P LOL I guess I should if I'm gonna post up recipes HUH!!! So here's what I did!

1cup TVP ( rehydrated)
Saltine crakers
worcestershire sauce
Liquid Smoke
shredded carrots
shredded yellow squash
green pepper
couple drops of hot sauce
seasoned it with Goya Sazon
&& baked it at 350 f about 35 mins




NanaDiana said...

Well- good for you. I guess I will have to look up to see what TVP is!?! LOL-Yep...measurements are a good thing if you are going to post recipes. Diana

Melissa Stewart said...

Thx for stopping by! Your blog looks way cute! I am following you! Great ideas! Hope you stop by Simple as 1-2-3 soon!