Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Fall/Winter Kitchen Curtains

During the warmer months I like white curtains in my kitchen to go with my Country Blue walls! That's really the name of the color LOL :) But I like to warm things up a bit when it gets chilly! For years I did sunflower curtains in my kitchen cause I adore sunflowers! But I saw this material at Wal-mart and had to buy it!!!!!!!!! As I said before I collect heart shelves, cause I LOVE hearts :) I had to do something with this!! So I decided to make curtains for my kitchen!! Here's my side door window! I should have took pix of all the curtains in my kitchen !!!!!! But sometimes when you have 3 kids you can't even remember if you took your vitamins that day!! So anyways I love my curtains and maybe I'll show you the rest of my kitchen!!?? I hope everyones enjoying their weekend!! Grandma took the kids to the Ice Cream Shop so I get some computer time!! Yay!


NanaDiana said...

LisaMarie-You are just the cutest thing...and you just wear your heart right on your shoulder. I like your curtains...and because you love hearts they are absolutely perfect! xxoo Diana

Beansieleigh said...

LOVE your curtains!!! I loved when Walmarts sold fabric, and have been so-oooo MAD at the store every since they pulled it out! I don't do as much sewing anymore because of it. The nearest fabric store is too far away to bother anymore, but I do miss it. I really loved making curtains, and dolls too!... So I stick to crocheting, anyways, which I LOVE too! I'm just starting a new sweater for something new and pretty to wear for Fall!.. Have a great day, and enjoy your weekend! ~tina