Monday, January 14, 2013

13 Bean Soup with Turkey

More Turkey leftovers!!! Haha it's safe to say I'm officially sick of Turkey and had to freeze the rest of the meat.

I has the Bob's Red Mills 13 Bean Soup in the cabinet for awhile & figured it was time to make it.
You soak the beans over night. Use a big bowl or pot cause the expand a lot! I used a container from BJ's that was from our Christmas cookies.

Next day I put beans in crockpot with about 5 cups of water. I just filled it up. Added a can tomato paste,stewed tomatoes, adobo seasoning, garlic, Italian seasoning plus more parsley, 3 beef bouillon cubes, pepper and of coarse Turkey meat!!!
I let it cook all day!!

I was super delicious and Hubby kept going back for more. Also it was very filling. This soup mix would be great made into a chili also.

The girls had chicken nuggets and tator tots because they are so picky!!
Hope you liked this recipe. I'm having a lot of fun sharing my recipes with you!!!

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