Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Year New Ideas!!

Hey Everyone!!! So sorry I've been MIA but nobody reads this anyways LOLLLLL......

For 2013 I'm gonna start sharing my recipes and other fun Mommy kinda things!!! Right now I've been working a lot, but doesn't seem to help!! I really need to find a real job Monday through Friday while the kids are in school!! It sicks so bad but We'll make it Right!!!

I'm really not sure how I just changed my text??? So starting tomorrow I think I'm going to share my weeks meals and how I try to do my planning on Sundays for the week!!! Today I'm making breads and I've shared those before but it was a very long time ago so I will include them!!

Also if I don't get called into work this coming week I will be doing deep cleaning and organizing!! I also want to do a room tour of my bedroom cause I love my new wall color and want to share it with you!!! 

I meanly use my PC upstairs in my room, which seems to be a problem to get online much!!! Since I spend so much darn time in the kitchen I'm gonna put my MacBook in there so I can blog away and watch YouTube ans such!! Yay!!!!!

I have a few crafts I want to share as well!!! So Stay tuned for some Mommy Blogging!!!

Also If you have Instagram my username is LeeLeeMakeup!! I share all kinds of stuff on there from Food to Makeup to the Kids to hair styles to Crafts or my pets!!

xoxo LisaMarie

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