Thursday, January 31, 2013

Health Food Store Goodies

I have a really nice health food store by me! Most things are pretty pricey and its a small store but I find all I need there. Though I don't shop there every week it's still one of my favorite stores to buy food. Because I rarely eat meat and I'm sensitive to eggs like to buy Vegan products.
I have a cold and been working a lot lately so I needed some premise easy lunches and something organic and healthy to get me feeling better!!!

The Vegetarian Chicken Salad is great to put on a wrap or sandwich or even to top a quick salad with! It's made with Tofu and vegan mayo! Has parsley, celery and other spices!! Great sub for a tuna salad.

The Mexican Bean Salad is so yummy to make a taco salad with!! Top it on a salad with some vegan shredded cheese!

Sesame Noodles!! A yummy quick lunch to eat and it's big it lasts me a few days!!
I love to eat it cold.

Quinoa Salad is a great lunch to or just to have on the side with dinner!! Who doesn't love some Quinoa!! I also bought some Quinoa to have in the house to cook.

Every time I go there I get a single packet of Almond Butter or sometimes Cashew Butter! Tastes great on an English muffin for breakfast!

For a snack I bought some all natural fruit strips!! They are so good if you have a sweet tooth!! Also some granola to snack on or maybe put in yogurt!!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!!!

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